The bank's High Net Worth & Affluent Banking department expressed need to offer their affluent customers the means to view their investment portfolio on the go. We were approached to assist them in the design of the app.

Defining the Product

Recognizing the need of affluent customers to quickly view their accounts, cards and investments, without relying on their Relationship Managers to check for them, we set out to define the product by further exploring other needs of this particular segment. Working with our Digital Content & UX, the stakeholders and us established the app direction & features.

Since the app is going to be developed internally by IT department instead of outsourcing to vendor, we understood we could not afford to optimize the app for both platforms so we went with the hybrid approach to reduce development time and resources. We came up with some quick mockups to determine the tone we would like for the app. 

Refining the Design

We organized a 2-days workshop with our designers as well as colleagues from different departments like Wealth, Investment, Innovation and Customer Experience. What came up was a design language that we were satisfied and from there we moved on to create all the necessary screens to cater for different scenarios. 

After many rounds of iterations and tweaks to account for the technical constraint of the bank's back-end system, we launched the app in October 2016 on Android and iOS.

The video introducing the app to accompany the launch.